E waste Tshwane, services and processes of e-scrap

E waste Tshwane services and processes of e-scrap. Firstly, what is e-waste?  Whatever is electronic and powers up with batteries or electricity.  These products are all over our homes and offices.  For example, redundant charges, like a cell phone charger.  As well as TV cables and aerials.  These items become a pain to hang onto.  They cause unnecessary clutter. 

So what do we do about it?  We recycle!  Your old electronic waste is our business.  We buy functioning or non-functioning microwaves, TVs, computers, and so on.

Businesses are prone to excess stuff not needed anymore, we will take it off your hands.  For large amounts, we have a collection service.  Alternatively, head to our company with what you have on hand.

But what about private or company information still loaded on memory storing devices?  No problem, we wipe it clean and provide a certificate of proof.

E waste Tshwane
E waste Tshwane

Recycle excess electronic junk E waste Tshwane

Recycle excess electronic junk at E waste Tshwane.  Useless electric gadgets are now being salvaged either by refurbishing them or correctly scrapping them.  Some laptops and computers can be reconditioned.  These items get sold for low prices for people who cannot afford new devices.  It is a great concept as this eliminates landfills piling up.

Besides the fact that electronics in a landfill can be hazardous.  It is also extra trash that is a problem in the world.

We want to change that and be a part of the world solution.  The idea of e-waste plants is super as it helps everyone.

Contact us now for more information on our processes and procedures.

A new world

A new world needs us to look after it.  At E scrap metal Tshwane, we like to think of ourselves as environmentally friendly.  Because the approach we have is about saving the planet.  By recycling electronics it is a start to a better place.

E waste Tshwane has been in the IT recycling game for well over a decade.  Our reliable service is reputable. We constantly build new business relationships with others. This is vital as data destruction needs to be taken seriously. 

Be a part of a world of electronic environmentalists.  Contact our electronic scrap yard now for more details. 

E waste Tshwane
Electronic scrap Tshwane

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